MetCam Gas Camera Optical Area Monitoring


​The MetCam gas camera continuously monitors large areas for possible methane leaks. It makes the source and the intensity of the leaks visible. The camera can even detect small emissions.

In the oil and gas industry, there are often spacious or labyrinthine plant areas that are difficult to reach or whose gas pipelines have many connections. Here, typical gas detection systems reach their limits. However, even under these conditions, an optical gas detection camera makes gas leaks visible in terms of their source and intensity. An ideal complement to your gas detection system for a more accurate and faster assessment of a potential hazard.​

The MetCam automatically monitors your facility around the clock. Unlike point detectors, the gas source need not be in the immediate proximity of the gas camera. It is sufficient if the source is in the field of view of the camera. The detection is thus independent of wind or similar influences. The MetCam detects gas leaks at an early stage and can warn you against them. This way, you can initiate countermeasures faster. This means more safety for your facility and greater efficiency.​

The gas camera visualizes the gas cloud as a colored overlay on the black-and-white video image and independently quantifies the concentration. As a result, you simply interpret the event from a safe distance, for example, from your control room. You can also use the MetCam to measure emissions or as a surveillance camera with a colour image.​


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