Drager X-pect 8320

The spectacles Dräger X-pect® 8200 and 8300 are designed for an optimal fit and high comfort. They feature a long life time thanks to high class materials. Each model provides special features, like soft nose bridge or flat and flexible temples, to fit your individual needs. All spectacles are compatible with respiratory protection like half masks.



The material of the X-pect® 8200 and 8300 spectacles is very robust and stable due to polycarbonate material but is still extremely lightweight providing high comfort even during intensive use.

Soft nose bridge
Equipped with a soft nose bridge the spectacles provide high wearer comfort even in extreme conditions like warm or cold atmosphere.

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coating
The X-pect 8200 and 8300 spectacles feature an anti-scratch and anti-fog coating to ensure clear vision in the most arduous of situations.

Adjustability and flexibility for every individual face
Equipped with flat temples the spectacles X-pect 8310 are comfortable and suitable for any kind of hearing protection or helmets. The X-pect 8320 have got flexible temples providing minimum pressure and high wearer comfort. Both features are offered by the X-pect 8330 model – adjustability by an invisible ratchet as well as flexible and flat temples. The X-pect 8340 model is also adjustable, in angle as well as length, to provide comfortable fit. The suitable model for a perfect fit even in extreme conditions like warm or cold atmosphere, is the X-pect 8351 with its temple tips and nose bridge made of rubber.


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