Drager Pulsar 1

The Dräger Polytron Pulsar is the latest infrared technology in
open path gas detection, capable of detecting a wide range of
gaseous hydrocarbons. These include the alkane series from
methane to hexane, propylene, methanol, ethanol and ethylene


One person can easily align and commission the system without the need for special training or skills. No telescope or
alignment mirrors are needed for the
installation over any distance. After an initial coarse adjustment by eye, a hand held
terminal provides separate “radar” displays of the Transmitter and Receiver
alignments. This makes it easy to optimize
the adjustment for maximum signal
The built-in calibration of the Dräger Polytron Pulsar does not need any manual
adjustment or standard test gas. After the
alignment procedure is finished a selfzeroing sequence is started to complete
the commissioning of the system. The
parameters about alignment and signal
strength are logged and will be used to
determine any future misalignment or
build up of deposits on the optical lenses.
Continuous communication between
Receiver and Transmitter across a signal
line allows the system to adapt to difficult
environmental conditions and ensure
highest availability. The high power xenon
lamps combined with a sophisticated
algorithm which varies their intensity and
frequency makes the Dräger Polytron Pulsar immune to influences from solar radiation, stack flares, arc-welding or resonance effects associated with the vibration from rotating machinery, as well as
environmental changes along the beam
like fog, mist, and snow. A higher flash rate
is also triggered by the first indication of
gas, allowing a fully validated gas reading
along with a reduced response time.
The detector is designed so that no fault
can go undetected. In normal operation
the output signal is 4 to 20 mA, depending on the gas concentration measured.
Whereas a signal of < 1 mA indicates a
fault and a signal of 2 mA indicates a beam
blockage. In addition a continuous selftest of the Dräger Polytron Pulsar will
issue a pre-warning signal of 3.5 mA
where the detector is still operational but
requires some attention – for example
when there is a build up of deposits on
the optics, or misalignment of the transmitter or receiver. This way maintenance
can be scheduled without downtime. The
Dräger Polytron Pulsar carries a Safety
Integrity Level rating of 2 (SIL 2).


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