Drager Flame 2350

The Dräger Flame 2350 combines UV and IR sensors for the detection
of hydrocarbon-based fires. This combination of sensors offers you more
security and fewer false alarms


Fast and reliable detection
The Dräger Flame 2350 combines UV und IR sensors. These ensure that it is reliable in detecting hydrocarbonbased fires. This degree of reliability complies with the IEC 61508 safety integrity requirements of SIL2.
Moreover, the flame detector has HART® and RS-485 Modbus interfaces and requires very little power.
Prevention of false alarms
The two sensors incorporated in the Flame 2350 offer detection in the shortwave UV range and in the IR
spectrum. Frequency, intensity and duration of the measuring signals are analysed. An alarm is set off only
when both sensors meet the reaction criteria. This way the Flame 2350 prevents false alarms. Moreover, the
sensitive detection ensures that the detector does not falsely set off an alarm for fires emanating from other
Robust and resistant
The housing is very resilient and weatherproof. The viewing window is heated to protect it from icing and
fogging up. This allows you to operate the Flame 2350 reliably under the most diverse environmental


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