Drager DOB 200 ECO Oxygen Filling Station

Discover the Dräger DOB 200 ECO: A highly mobile, and efficient filling
station for all common oxygen cylinders. Its compact design with rolling
wheels makes it easy to transport, while the robust housing protects
contents from damage. The simple and automated filling procedure saves
both time and effort.


Simple filling procedure
The Dräger DOB 200 ECO provides the correct amount of pressure in order to fill common oxygen cylinders in
just one step. What’s more, additional pumping is no longer necessary thanks to its innovative and intuitive
technology. When the correct filling pressure has been reached, the Dräger DOB 200 ECO automatically turns
itself off.

Flexible positioning of the fill panel
For all mobile use, just attach the filling panel directly to the pump. In order to easily fill cylinders in workshops,
the filling panel can be mounted for example: on the wall or on a table. Up to four cylinders can be filled

Safe filling procedure
The oil- and grease-free dry run pump means that oxygen cannot be contaminated by lubrication agents. This
reduces the potential hazard of fire during the re-filling process.

Robust and transportable protective case
The Dräger DOB 200 ECO is housed in a sturdy plastic case. The in-built wheels ensure ease of deployment
and make transport from a vehicle to work area quick and hassle free.
What’s more, the filling panel and connection hoses can be stored inside the case.

Cost-effective service concept
The Dräger DOB 200 ECO has a long life-span and requires little maintenance. Application-specific service
kits further reduce maintenance work.
Additional product features
– single phase power supply
– system deaeration via gauge
– simple operation
– case can be security locked


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