100% IP technology
The MEET system developed by FERMAX is an IP technology 100% based on highly efficient, flexible P2P infrastructure ensuring a high level of adaptation.

The devices communicate with each other directly, thanks to which MEET does not require the use of central units or servers that could disturb the availability of the system in the event of an unforeseen error.

MEET allows the installer to freely define the range of IP addresses in accordance with the design needs, making the network control process easier.

MEET stands for HD picture quality and digital audio for high-quality communication.

The system consists of digital panels, one-button panels, touch monitors, a concierge desk and a number of accessories. To guarantee the safety of the building,

MEET offers a secure system that allows the integration of access control mechanisms, closed-circuit television and alarm functions.


  • FLEXIBLE, fast and adjustable.
  • MEET is a system based on high-performance P2P SIP protocol. Easy to install and maintain.
  • Meet’s flexible IP address makes network management easier.
  • The decentralized communication structure allows individual terminals to operate independently without the need for a central server.